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Trade in cars on "euronumbers" came to new level

It is possible to note safely that trade in cars on "euronumbers" came to new
of the offer on "eurometal plates" Now have removed the largest Ukrainian classifieds in separate sections to choose "available cars" didn't "stir" cars on the Ukrainian registration with the high prices.

Every fifth car sold in the Ukrainian secondary market - not metal plates. Results of the research AUTO-Consulting for July-August demonstrate to it.

can Pick up a car on "euronumbers" from several hundreds of dollars, but the majority of transactions happens in the range of $1,5-2 thousand. Pretty often there are already offers of bonus and expensive cars which price, all the same below, than their analogs on the Ukrainian numbers.

according to AUTO-Consulting, by the end of summer, so-called" "eurometal plates" already occupy 19% of the secondary market. That is, every 5th car sold in August already was on "euronumbers".

Monthly cars on "metal plates" choose from 8 to 12 thousand Ukrainians.

according to AUTO-Consulting, monthly win a car on "euronumbers" on 8-12 thousand clients in the Ukrainian market and become more and more mass. the Rating of the most sold cars on "euronumbers" for the period June-August, 2018
As we see

, the accurate pool of leaders of which the lion's share of all sales of "eurometal plates" is the share was created. Besides, this alignment of forces steadily kept all summer months. And here sales volumes of such cars had accurate seasonality and depended on news from Kiev.

still enjoy Popularity among Ukrainians cars of DM:



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