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Top-5 intimate experiences which should be tried up to 30 years

As long and high-quality sex (piece very useful to people - on what all scientists and physicians agree) is impossible only in a missionary pose, loving couples are recommended to experiment actively. And it is desirable at rather young age - so far for obvious reasons the wear of an organism hasn't begun.

Journalists of the Bit portal have made the rating of sex adventures which need to be tried before the 30 anniversary.

Adventure No. 1. Depressive sex with former/former. As the poet wrote: "The love still, perhaps, in my soul has died away not absolutely". At the same time there was still a sexual draft the friend to the friend. Evening, easy binge, symbolical snack - and already the former beloved quickly undress and jump in a bed. The main thing - next morning not to begin a type conversation: "And there can be everything anew to start?".

Adventure No. 2. Sudden I anat. Here just it is worth spitting on the recommendation of doctors about preparation for "storm of the back" and to arrange sick, dirty, unexpected "invasion into chocolate". And it concerns also an experiment with a strap-on - you never know, suddenly the partner dreamed of massage of a prostate long ago.

Adventure No. 3. Sex in a toilet. Overindulgence in the bathroom perfectly will be suitable for fans of fast intim - for example, during the party or shopping. However it is better to give up all hopes that it will manage to be hidden from people around and not to hear in the address something type: "Bl*dun and slut".

Adventure No. 4. Sex in a hike. When both partners plainly dirty-unshaven, and singing of songs of Yury Vizbor at a fire have finally bothered, it is worth trying intim −или directly on the earth that branches stuck into buttocks, or in a tent on the bedraggled sleeping bags.

Adventure No. 5. Sex under drugs. Medicinal substances (especially if to persuade the doctor to write out "podretseptny") can diversify very much and very strongly sex. You shouldn't be frightened only if during a coition at the partner the third breast grows, and the partner has the third small egg. These are only side effects.



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