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Top-10 the products kindling love passion

The food, drinks and herbs which are positively influencing sexuality are called aphrodisiacs. And this ancient name having nothing in common with medicines.

Vitamins of passion

At men, as well as at women, influences sexual desire the hormonal background depending on health level and also some vitamins and substances. Therefore those products and herbs in which the highest content of zinc and selenium and also vitamins A, With, E and groups B are considered as aphrodisiacs. By the way, the sexuality of the man can be recognized by his eating habits: as he eats, such is and in a bed.

Aphrodisiacs available to each

of the Shrimp rich with zinc and digestible proteins.

Nuts (all types, except peanut) are rich with minerals, polynonsaturated acids, proteins and vitamin E.

Chocolate is a well of zinc, vitamin A and group B, also contains the theobromine and caffeine which are positively influencing sexual inclination of women, these substances uchuvstvut in synthesis of estrogen.

Garlic and onions: their properties to increase sexuality are noticed still in the ancient time. And scientists have only proved their efficiency, and all thanks to big percent in their composition of polyphenols, essential oils, vitamins C, And, In and also zinc, iron and iodine.

the Strawberry rich with polyphenols and vitamin C, very well influences a female libido.

the Mushrooms containing zinc in a large number perfectly affect an erection and very much increase testosterone level.

Eggs, as well as mushrooms, very much increase testosterone level in blood, so, and male sexuality.

the Melted butter containing useful holesterina well influences production of testosterone.

the Bananas rich with selenium and potassium, positively influence production of male sex hormones and also for work of heart thanks to what the man can become the tireless lover.

Sunflower seeds: no matter, what you will choose, a flax, a sunflower or pumpkin - all of them, as well as nuts, are vitamin-rich also minerals, useful to a libido.



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