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Tolstoy? people aren't guilty of the completeness! Here in what the true reason

Tolstoy? people aren't guilty of the completeness! Here in what the true reason
Also stop to criticize them! Matter isn't that we eat

more, and we play sports less, and not that we lack will power. It isn't necessary to shame people with an excess weight! Everything is much more difficult, George Monbiot - the observer of Guardian writes:

"Once I considered the old pictures taken to Brighton - a scourge in 1976, and I haven't believed that it is the same country. Almost all were slender. I have mentioned it on social networks, then was sent on leave. When I have returned, I have found out that people still discuss it.

the Heated dispute has induced me to study this question. How did we manage to grow fat so quickly? To my astonishment, almost each explanation offered by readers was incorrect. whether More we eat


Unfortunately, in the United Kingdom till 1988 wasn't data on steady obesity, and at this moment the incidence sharply increased. But in the United States the statistics shows that people have begun to become thicker since 1976 - and the tendency constantly increased since then.

the Obvious explanation, according to many on social networks, is that we eat more. Some have fairly noted that in general in the 1970th years food was disgusting. And road. There were less fast food restaurants, and shops were closed earlier.

So, here first big surprise: we ate more in 1976. According to the government, now we consume on average 2130 kilocalories a day, including sweets and alcohol. But in 1976 we consumed 2,280 kcal, excepting alcohol and sweets, or 2,590 kcal together with them. I haven't found the reasons not to trust figures. whether

Less we move? Others insisted

that reduction of physical work is the reason. But data don't support this version.

In the document published last year in the International magazine of surgery is said that "the adults working in unqualified professions more than four times more often have obesity in comparison with those who are busy with professional activity".

A as about sports activities? There is the next surprise. According to a long-term research of the Plymouth university, physical activity of children same, as well as 50 years ago.

In the document published in the International magazine of epidemiology is established that there is no difference between the number of the calories burned by people in the rich countries, and those who live in the poor where natural agriculture remains norm. there is no

Thus, any communication between physical activity and a gain of weight. Many other researches show that the sport, though is crucial for other aspects of good health, is much less important, than a diet in regulation of our weight.

Some believe that even on the contrary, than more we train, that we become golodny.

Contributing factors.

Have been considered also contributing factors: adenovirus-36-infection, application



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