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"To vomit hunting": Friske's widower of Shepelev was accused of "bredovost" of his ideas for a show

The last signing up of the leader in Instagram collected tons of angry comments.

Dmirtry Shepelev, the anchorman "Actually", bragged in Instagram of a hospitable meeting and to congratulations from audience and colleagues on release of the transfer which was taking place in day of its birth. The studio met him by a loud applause and chant of a phrase "Happy birthday!". However pleasant news for the leader was estimated not by all. In comments on video users began to accuse Shepelev of lies and a performance of plots for the show positioning itself as documentary. The main idea of a talk show is concluded in check of participants on the lie detector that has to exclude any deception. Many were revolted also by pseudo-sensational headings. Eminent guests of a show not once told

about the fees for participants, it was confirmed in due time by the actor Ivan Krasko and the ex-wife of the pop performer Pierre Narcissa. The singer Aziza on an interview after record of the teleproject claimed that results of check on a polygraph are adjusted to in advance written scenario, and all events "... profanation and show. Both the leader, and experts play roles in competently directed statement".

of Ton of a negative was caused also by a recent series of releases with notorious Diana Shurygina.

"Please, close this foolish program! What Shurygina? How? What for? Why it to our children? What will be farther? Where do we slide? We that herd all here? Have conscience! Or money does not smell?!" - natashamoroz75.


Confuses also the known fact of payment of each its emergence in a talk show. The last sounded figure - 200 thousand rubles for release.

Is possible, Shepelev really should listen to these unflattering comments, Andrey Malakhov's reputation was strongly damped after a similar series of releases "Let speak" with this person. However, the ratings of releases from Shurygina, according to, are significantly higher in comparison with the others (4.9 against 4.6). Probably, for Channel One money really does not smell.



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