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To stop warming, darkening the Sun! In 2033 the dangerous technology will appear

Which consequences of use can be unpredictable. Scientists offer

very disputable way of fight against climate change which consists in spraying of the chemicals softening sunshine in the atmosphere of Earth, Daily Mail reports.

the Method of "aerosol injections in a stratosphere" (SAI) can cut the speed of global warming by half.

the Research was conducted by scientists from the universities of Harvard and Yale University and is published in the Environmental Research Letters magazine. The idea consisted in dispersion of a large number of sulphatic particles in the lower stratosphere of Earth at the height up to 19 kilometers.

Scientists say that they will be able to deliver sulfates by specially developed high-rise planes, balloons or large tools like sea. However, admits the report that so far this method is purely hypothetical.

technologies or planes suitable for adaptation, does not exist yet, but the team says that the system can be created in 15 years. They claim that they "develop the new specially constructed tanker with "essential useful opportunities" and it will not be "technologically difficult or inadmissibly expensive".

the Cost of start of the VOFK system is estimated at 3.5 billion dollars with the current expenses in 2.25 billion US dollars a year. "We do not impose VOFK, and simply we show that the hypothetical program of expansion though so far very uncertain, but ambitious, really would be technically feasible from the technical point of view in 15 years. It would also be surprisingly inexpensive". The team recognizes that there are certain risks. Coordination between several countries in both hemispheres will be necessary. In addition, the VOFK method can threaten agriculture, lead to droughts or cause extreme weather. Doctor Gergot Wagner from Engineering school of Harvard University and the coauthor of a research told

: "Considering potential benefits of reduction of the average predicted increase in radiative effects from a certain date in the future, figures show improbable economy of solar geoengineering. Dozens of the countries can finance such?? the program, and the required technology is not especially exotic". In offers the question of increase in emissions of greenhouse gases which are the main reason for global warming is not considered.

Philip Talmann from Polytechnical school of Lausanne, the expert in economy of climate change told that the system will be more expensive and "much more risky in the long term" unlike reduction of emission of greenhouse gases. David Archer from department of geophysical sciences of the Chicago university considers

A: "If future generation could not pay the climatic bill, they would receive all the warming at once".

Why is necessary solar geoengineering?

B 2013 Scientific advisory board of the European academies (EA



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