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To rotor have pulled in dirty scandal

The famous actress hasn't arrived to Joseph Kobzon's funeral.

I publicly Sofia Mikhaelovna hasn't reacted to big loss for the Russian art in any way. Now in Network violently condemn her such behavior.

the Actress has published a new photo in a social network. Having seen him, admirers have noted how perfectly she looks. "Beauty, Sofia Mikhaelovna!" You wonderful! ", " Health to you, Sofia Mikhaelovna! ", " our beauty! Beloved Solnyshko!" - they filled up her with compliments and wishes.

However were also spitpoisons. They it is poisonous have asked why to Rotar wasn't at Kobzon's funeral. And then have said that she has supposedly spat on Iosif Davydovich, without having reacted to his death in any way.

"To you was succeeded to get on Joseph Kobzon's funeral?", "Without having arrived to Kobzon's funeral, I have lost any respect", - they tried to involve Sofia Mikhaelovna in a bad story. And she has ignored all these attacks that became the worthy answer to foes.

at the same time to Rotar didn't remain indifferent at all. She has placed on the page in Instagram two photos on which two of them with Kobzon, and I have signed them with the words of reserved grief.

"Light memory to the Great person. We bring condolences to the family", - Sofia Mikhaelovna in day of death of Iosif Davydovich has noted. And then I have added: "Light memory".

have supported her most of subscribers. "A legend, the Era, we Grieve, Light memory", "very olno", "Sincere condolences to the family of Iosif Davydovich! Imperishable and light memory to our Great Iosif Davydovich! Irreplaceable loss at loss of our favourite singer - the master of a platform. His voice for ages will remain in our memory!" - followers have responded on a post of the actress.

But not all users of social networks didn't suit it. They waited that the singer will arrive to Moscow and will personally say goodbye to the colleague and the friend. And when it didn't happen, rumors have spread.

Someone has even exorcized about manifestation of personal hostility Rotara to the Russian show business. But similar statements have no proofs: Sofia Mikhaelovna always ethically treats colleagues and doesn't afford sharp statements.



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