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To play for high stakes: interview with the DJ Yana Vudstok

The Ukrainian musical stage is well-known not only thanks to "the sincere priest" and? to folk, but also? that who plays and? creates electronic music. Raw Unkut, Nastya Muravyeva and? Yana Vudstok? - stars of the Ukrainian DJing which in three years conquered Ukraine and? Europe.

At music which is played by Yana Vudstok, Nordic character. And? Yana, with? her sharp features, blue eyes and? platinum hair, it is similar to the northern princess. Also puts on well matched: long sleeved t-shirts or tops with? Gothic prints it mixes with? romantic dresses, white polo-necks, monochrome bomber jackets and? classical Dr. Martens boots.

of Yang was born in? the German city of Weimar where there lived Johann Sebastian Bach. It seems that romantic and? in? the same time the strict nature of Yana is connected with? place of its birth, and? the mood of the city is well read in? her DJ sets in? style industrial. Berlin and? its clubs? - beloved ploshchadka Vudstok, and? to play there it invite especially often.

"Tells the whole world now about? to the Kiev electronic scene? - perhaps, it because of a series of the Scheme parties"? - Yana speaks. In the last two years "Scheme" became a cultural phenomenon which to see gathers youth from the whole Europe. Yana? - its old resident. She calls "scheme" "only real and? to pain an abrupt party from those that remained on the earth". So not only Yana considers: according to the Electronic Beats portal, "Scheme" enters in? number of the best electronic parties of the world. There Yana managed to hold 5 thousand exacting listeners more than once in? permanent condition of dance.

Today Yana Vudstok in? a big European tour, in? to its graphics? - Italy, Netherlands, Poland and? Germany. Vudstok works by rules of world business therefore at? it is the booker? - Masha Nepop who participated in? formation of the Kiev electronic scene and? affected career of many DJs.

the Portrait Vudstok will be incomplete without mention about? to its educational initiative. Prior to tours across Europe she visited all cities of Ukraine where there were clubs and? "at least some" sound. "I wanted to play qualitative music to children who cannot arrive in? Kiev on big parties"? - Yana speaks.

Text and style: Olga Zhyzhko

Assistant stylist: Sveta Manoukyan

Make-up: Vitalia

of the Hairstyle: Pavel Lotnik.




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