Date: 6 days ago   Category: Incidents

To murderers of the doctor in Sumshchina announced suspicion

To three residents of Romenshchina declared suspicion of commission of thefts of the large sizes, the robbery connected to causing heavy injuries.

Besides, to one of persons involved is declared also suspicion of commission of murder from mercenary motives.

As were found out by the staff of department of investigation of crimes of general criminal orientation of investigation department at expeditious support of management of strategic investigations of GUNP in the Sumy region, two inhabitants Romain and one resident of Ramensky district were a part of group. the Last was

the organizer of group and kept the subordinates that is called in "echinoid mittens". And though the 30-year-old man had no criminal experience, however two others, the 23-year-old young man and the 33-year-old previously convicted resident of Ramenskoye, obeyed him smoothly. By the way, the last owned the car which the group used in the criminal activity. the Organizer accurately determined by

roles and functions, developed means of conspiracy, adhered to them and demanded the same from others and also financially provided activity of group and carried out distribution of the received means. Two his accomplices provided a power component of crimes: the senior, making use of criminal experience, forced locks and doors, younger in case of need stopped resistance of the victims. "What is interesting to

, the organizer, collecting information on possible subjects to attack and a surrounding situation, always reserved a role of the observer and coordinator, all the rest was carried out by his accomplices, - Vadim Telichko, the head of department of investigation of crimes of general criminal orientation of SU of GUNP in the Sumy region comments on a situation. - So, residents of Romna and Ramensky district suffered from them. One of victims, the elderly man working as the local doctor from the cruel beating put to him died on the scene".

Now two malefactors are in custody, and one - in the round-the-clock house arrest. It declared suspicion of commission of the crimes provided by Part 5 of Article 185 UK of Ukraine, that is commission of crime with the qualifying signs "frequency", "connected to penetration into the dwelling" and "commission by organized group"; in commission of the criminal offense provided by Part 4 of Article 187 UK of Ukraine, that is commission of crime with the qualifying signs "combined with penetration into the dwelling", "connected to causing heavy injuries" and "made by organized group". And to one of them suspicion of premeditated murder at Subparagraphs 6.12 of Part 2 of Article 115 of UK of Ukraine is also announced, with the qualifying signs "group of persons", "mercenary motives".

Now a pretrial investigation on business proceeds.



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