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To me 83 and I know: Life needs be not to suffered, and to savor!

To me 83 and I know: Life needs be not to suffered, and to savor!
Read this important letter.

All our life is a constant race behind money, success, an ideal body or expensive things, sadly states Newsner. In this vanity we are abandoned by sense of equilibrium, and we cannot understand why we do not feel happy. This letter of the 83-year-old woman directed to the girlfriend, perhaps will help you to understand that you missed. And it is good if it occurs earlier, than you will live up to 83 years!

"Dear Berta!

Today to me 83, and I want to share with you one important thought which I understood, having lived life. To you now 60, and I would be happy if someone sent me such letter 23 years ago... Now I even more often read

- and more and more seldom I dust. At the dacha I for hours can sit on a porch and enjoy a look - me now to spit that on a bed weeds. I still work, but I advise nobody: time with family is much more important...

Life should enjoy, but not just "to suffer" it. Surprisingly, what clear became my thinking now when already to correct nothing... I do not try to save

Ya during each purchase any more. I began to use all most beautiful cloths, sheets and services every day, and not just in "a special case".

When I go on a market behind products, I dress all the most beautiful. Noticed that when you look good, it is much easier to leave money.

Ya understood that it is not necessary to wait for "a special case" to use the most favourite and expensive spirits. Such surprising feeling: to smell sweet when you go to bank or to policlinic.

In my life is more any "next week" or "Sometime". The most interesting I do all right now. Every morning I wonder

: "And what I would do today if precisely knew that I will not wake up tomorrow any more?". It makes sober. I call children more often now and I try to apologize at each opportunity for something in a conversation with girlfriends.

Years which to each of us remained it is a gift, but not something that allegedly you still "have". Nobody guaranteed anything to us, even tomorrow.

Is possible, our life was at all not that of which we dreamed in the childhood. But so far we here, nothing prevents us to dance. Anything, except ourselves!"

A you remember that life occurs here and now?

of Fia Mont.



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