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"To hammer the enemy in a Suvorov way!": The Russian Defense Ministry has declassified documents on the Kursk fight

Unique data on the largest tank battle in the history which has finally broken offensive ambitions of fascist Germany in the Second World War were submitted on the website by the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation.

Exactly 75 years ago the Red Army has won a victory in the Kursk fight (on July 5 - on August 23, 1943), having freed Belgorod, Kursk and Kharkiv and also having finally taken control of an initiative in the Great Patriotic War. Specially by anniversary of defeat of fascists in the largest tank battle of the Russian Defense Ministry has declassified documents on the Kursk fight.

Honourable names to parts and a salute in Moscow
the Supreme Commander of the Red Army Joseph Stalin was extremely grateful to the soldiers and officers who have exempted Belgorod, Kursk and Kharkiv from Hitlerite aggressors. The parts hammering the enemy have received honourable names, and in Moscow the first has been given for Second World War times a salute in honor of a historical victory.

of "Special importance": "Gods of war" destroy impregnable "Tigers"
Also the Russian Defense Ministry has declassified the directive of the Rate of General headquarters with a signature stamp of "special importance". In the document the plan of liberation of Kharkiv was approved and real names of marshals Georgy Zhukov and Alexander Vasilevsky in order to avoid leaks were concealed. Companions Yuryev and Alexandrov appeared in the directive.

In the order to troops of the Bryansk front Moscow has ordered to commanders of shooting divisions to tell fighters how to stop the latest fascist the Tiger tank. The fighting vehicle seeming impregnable was lost under the pressure of the Soviet artillery, and "gods of war" have played a prime role in defeat of Hitlerites, the photo album "Artillery in fight against tanks and self-propelled tools of the opponent" has many times lifted fighting spirit of the Soviet army.

are presented by the Bonus on the website prize materials to soldiers. For example, Hera with the USSR the corporal Bisarev liquidating 26 fascist tanks despite the got wound, continued to break enemy infantry for what has been awarded a separate award.

"Not to put on airs "

to the Same troops of the Bryansk front Moscow has ordered not to put on airs after successful liberation of Oryol, and more vigorously to develop offensive actions. To exterminate invaders and quicker to clear the home ground of the German evil spirits, it was told in Stalin's order.

of Also Red Army was recommended to accept safely the attack of Hitlerites, to cut infantry from tanks and "to hammer the enemy in a Suvorov way!".

the Victory in the Kursk fight has marked a final change in the Great Patriotic War. Having taken control of an initiative, the Soviet troops have quickly expelled aggressors from the home ground, having returned the battleground to Europe, and soon and to a den of "animal". Today the largest tank battle is 75 years old.



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