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Time of startups: the most perspective projects of Ukrainians

Not all our compatriots go abroad to stack a tile and to reap others crops. Some of them create the ideas which then gain recognition around the world. EtCetera has made the rating of the most ambitious projects startups which were thought up by Ukrainians.

Hygiene of the future: ecological
the Ecological project of the Ukrainian company Effa was included into the five of the most perspective innovations at the international competition in the sphere of resource-saving [email protected] in Germany. Authors of a startup Ilya Kichuk and Darya Vasilenko have presented a disposable toothbrush for which creation only environmentally friendly materials and the processed paper were used.

the Ukrainian startups have told that else prior to a trip to a competition to Germany they have already received pre-orders in 40 countries of the world. First of all, their product has interested the companies which clients travel much and don't want to harm the nature.

American dream: the evident cardiogram
the Startup of HeartIn was created by the businessman Alexey Vinogradov and the cardiologist Dmitry Fedkov. They have founded the company on release of "clever" t-shirts which remove the cardiogram in real time. Sensors allow to watch indicators of work of heart, and the artificial intelligence deciphers the cardiogram.

according to founders of a startup, they intend to enter the markets of the USA, the American clinics are interested in regular monitoring of the state of health of the patients and early diagnostics of problems.

Universal assistant: Ukrainian
the Ukrainian company Pulsar Expo has developed the bus for off road terrain under the name Torsus Praetorian. Spouses Vakhtang Dzhukashvili and Yulia Homich have founded the company in 2014.

Feature of the SUV is the high clearance allowing to overcome easily obstacles. The body covering not metal, and consists of composite materials - they easier than metal, and their design isn't subject to corrosion. The starting price of the basic version of the bus is about 100 thousand dollars.

Interest in buses SUVs show mining companies from Canada and Australia: they need to bring workers from towns to the remote pits.

Despite existence of a huge number of inquiries, the company has no concluded contracts for delivery of the car yet. Now the bus SUV undergoes certification in the EU.

Convenient satellite: creation of fast notes
of Senstone is the Ukrainian development of the device which turns the words told aloud into the text. The gadget is issued in the form of a pendant and allows to process the sound message duration up to one minute. Developers promise that the volume of data will increase.

Now the device distinguishes English better, but among working languages also is Ukrainian, German, Japanese, Danish and Chinese. 2017 the team has exposed to

B development on the crowdfunding Kickstarter platform, planning to collect 50 thousand dollars. However soon разр



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