Date: 11 months ago   Category: Incidents

Ticks continue to attack fatally in Primorye

In Primorye the man hasn't attached significance to the fact that repeatedly I received stings of these insects and just brushed away them. The result was tragic.

It has got infection with encephalitis. Thus, ticks in Primorye continue to attack fatally.

the Dead collected wild plants many years. He considered that he has already got used to pincers, being exposed to their stings tens, and, maybe, hundreds of times.

However was among them one, infected with a fatal disease. The man at the same time has even not been imparted. The final was tragic.

In the region have infected pincers with encephalitis of 11 people. 88 have got infection with a tick-borne rickettsial disease. 102 persons are infected with tick-borne borreliosis.

With complaints that ticks have stuck to them this year have already addressed 6780 people. Last year this indicator - 6878. It only those who have addressed and have brought with themselves on a research the remains of an insect. How many

of people were really bitten by ticks this year in Primorye, it is impossible to define. Locals often trifle of their stings, knowing that their grandfathers were in the same conditions without any inoculations.

However, is hardly worth risking life. The most mass number of the attacks of pincers is recorded in such areas as Yakovlevsky, Terneysky, Kirovski, Lazovsky, Kavalerovsky and Pozharsky.

Not smaller quantity of these dangerous animals is recorded also in the cities: Artyom, Arsenyev, Dalnegorsk and Ussuriysk.



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