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Thrust garlic glove into a mouth for 30 minutes - and you will feel much better!

Thrust garlic glove into a mouth for 30 minutes - and you will feel much better!
But don't chew.

Garlic was used during hundreds of years to prevent chronic diseases and to cure cold, Doctor Andrei Laslau writes.

As you think what will occur when you take it in a mouth of 30 minutes, without chewing?

Fresh garlic is considered very powerful tool, according to, and is used for treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Numerous researches have shown that this natural means is very effective for a lowering of arterial pressure, the level of cholesterol, prevention of heart attacks and atherosclerosis.

Garlic gives to an organism the substance called allitsiny who manages to struggle with these diseases (it promotes a specific smell).

If you include garlic in some dishes - be surprised how many you benefit.

How to benefit at most from garlic?

Garlic can be cut in salads, to crush and add to food, and some eat it as candies!

For example, Chinese leave garlic glove in a mouth for 30 minutes. They practice this procedure in the morning after awakening and claim that results are improbable.

Important minerals from garlic by means of saliva get to an organism and clean blood vessels. In 30 minutes you have to spit out garlic and carefully clean teeth.

If all of you still catch an unpleasant smell, chew couple of coffee beans or fresh parsley.

Such method cleans your body from toxins, keeps health of kidneys, purifies skin, strengthens immune system and bronchitis and respiratory infections treats.

By the way, if you now on a diet, then know: when you hold garlic in a mouth, without chewing it, you quash feeling of hunger.

Especially this method is recommended to those who tests chronic cough!

of 5 things which you don't know about garlic.

They say that the Egyptian Pharaohs fed workers who built pyramids, with garlic to give them forces and to strengthen health, and in the Egyptian healers have invented 22 different medical applications of this plant.

Garlic can be used for glue production. Sticky juice is used in glass products.

Being rich iodine, garlic is very effective at treatment of problems with a thyroid gland.

the High level of an allitsin in garlic prevents a hair loss. Experts recommend to do periodically masks for head skin with garlick oil. did you know

A about such properties of garlic? Do you in general eat it - or you avoid how our many contemporaries?

of Christina Zvarych.



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