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Three Russian security officers said in court that they detained Grib in Russia. He told that he was detained in Belarus by other people

Russian court in the matter of illegally withheld Ukrainian Pavel Grib interrogated three security officers Alexander Bespalov, Evgeny Matyukhov and Alexander Mazurov who said that they detained him. Grib told that he was detained by other people, and he sees these for the first time.

the Russian security officers in court in the matter of Ukrainian Pavel Grib who is illegally withheld in Russia said on December 6 that they detained him in the Smolensk region of the Russian Federation. On December 7 the Kavkazsky Uzel edition reported about it. the court interrogated

of Three witnesses in the case of Grib by video conference with garrison military court of Smolensk.

Alexander Bespalov in August, 2017 holding a position of the senior operative of criminal office across the Smolensk region, and nowadays - the director of car service, said that together with employees Evgeny Matyukhov and Alexander Mazurov allegedly met Grib at the station in Yartsevo and decided to check his documents on what it provided the passport of the citizen of Ukraine without immigration card. According to Bespalov, Grib "behaved suspiciously".

the Security officer told that the Ukrainian agreed to go with them to police station where it was established that he allegedly is wanted, and reported about his detention in Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Also, according to the ex-police officer, did not apply violence to the Ukrainian. the Interrogated Mazurov and Matyukhov gave to

the same evidences, as well as Bespalov.

Grib said that he sees the interrogated security officers for the first time and he was detained not by them. The Ukrainian added that he was detained in the Belarusian city of Gomel (110 km from Yartsevo) and took away to Russia.

kidnapped on August 24, 2017 Grib who went to Gomel to a meeting with the acquaintance Russian FSB officers. Two weeks were not known of exact location of the Ukrainian nothing. On September 7 the Consulate general of Ukraine in Rostov-on-Don received the message from FSB about Grib's keeping in the pre-trial detention center of Krasnodar. The Russian Federation accused the Ukrainian of preparation of a terrorist attack at one of schools of Sochi.

to Grib prolonged on November 7 arrest in the Russian Federation till April, 2019.

began to consider on November 15 case in essence. At a meeting Grib did not admit guilt.



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