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This summer my child has drowned. Now I want to warn all

The important message for parents.

This article published on Scary Mommy was written by American Nichole Hughes.

We never thought that we should leave prematurely rest on the beach to organize a funeral of the three-year-old son. However all this has occurred within one week: we have arrived to the beach, have returned without it and have held his funeral. whether

are Known by you that drowning - the main reason of mortality among children from 1 to 4 years and the second reason of mortality at children from 1 to 14? Whether you know that 69% of the drowned children appear in water unexpectedly for parents? Whether you know that the child can drown less than in a minute?

Unfortunately, I know all this from personal experience. On June 10, 2018 my three-year-old son Levi has drowned during rest in the Fort Morgan, the State of Alabama.

Exists delusion that drowning happens only during swimming. But drowning happens and when you in 60 meters from the pool, and depart then from mother literally for a second.

Drowning is not floundering and splashes. It absolutely silently also borrows SECUNDA.

Ya always paid attention to safety rules on water. On all photos of my son in the last day of his life he is dressed in a life jacket.

From where to me was to know that the bad dream of any parent will become my reality? It happened so quickly! I don't know

Ya how Levi has escaped from us while we cleared ware the table, I don't know what has carried away him outside. I have found him on the deep end of the pool, floating facedown. before I have shared

of All for couple of seconds with it cookies. When I have jumped to the pool for the little son, I still had a cookies half in a mouth. Moments, seconds!

On our trip was six doctors, including my husband. If Levi could be saved despair, ability and love, he would be with us. They have at once made to him artificial respiration and even an intubation before arrival of the ambulance. not to save

But Levi, despite instantly rendered help any more...

Since then I have become interested in this subject and have begun to dig. Also I have dug out a lot of interesting.

of Levi is my third child. So why I didn't suspect what drowning - the leading cause of death of children at this age?

Certainly, I knew about potential danger of drowning. We used swimming vests, learned to swim, didn't release children in water without supervision. But why I didn't know about danger of drowning NOT during SWIMMING? Why didn't know that it is possible to drown for only a few seconds? The I learned

more, the felt great rage. Why I in general should look for this information? Why so speak about drowning a little?

Once again: it is the MAIN reason of mortality, and it for 100% is PREVENTABLE.

Yes, in news report about the drowned children. Yes, constantly repeat: "Don't leave children unguarded". But who pays attention to it? Know

: the 3-year-old child can drown less than in a minute, silently and without seen сопротивл



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