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This plan of house exercises will help you to burn fat in only 10 weeks without exercise machines

For those who have not enough time.

the Tightened and beautiful body very much increases self-confidence. But most of people just has no time to go to the gym, and installation of exercise machines of the house is often impossible because of lack of the place or means. But it doesn't mean that it is necessary to put an end to sport.

of Exercise which were published by APost don't demand any exercise machines or special devices. You can do their houses or in the park.

Here the plan of exercises which will help you to lose weight.

1. Squats. place

of the Leg on width of shoulders, stupnyam outside. Squeeze hands before yourself. Transfer body weight to heels when you begin to bend knees. Squat slowly as if you want to sit down in the imagined chair. Surely you hold a back completely direct. You squat until your quadriceps feel easy burning.

2. Attacks.

you keep a back In a standing position equal. Extend hands until they appear before you at the level of a breast. Do attack forward, using the left leg. The left hip has to is parallel to the earth. Return to a starting position and repeat with the right leg.

3. Push-ups.

Get up on all fours and put hands on width of shoulders. Make sure that your wrists and elbows are located on an equal basis with your breast. Unbend legs, leaning on hands. Your body has to look as a straight line. Bend elbows and lower all body on a floor. Return to a starting position, having straightened elbows and moving the body up.

4. Stomach exercises.

you Lay down a back on the earth and bend knees. Put hands for the head and raise shoulders from a floor. Exhale when you strain stomach muscles. Make a pause before returning to a starting position.

5. Jumps.

In a jump raise hands and open legs up to the width of shoulders or is slightly wider. Lower hands when you return to a starting position.

6. Moves.

Kneel. Bend the right knee, and lift until it doesn't reach your hip. Now carefully lower a knee, without allowing him to concern the earth. Lift again. When you have made enough repetitions, switch to other leg.

7. Twisting.

Lay down on a back. Your knees have to be lifted and bent. Put hands for the head. Make sure that your elbows are parallel to your body. The back has to be completely on a floor.

Raise shoulders approximately by 15 centimeters. As soon as shoulders are above, pull in muscles of a stomach and make a pause. Fall to a starting position.

8. Level.

Get up on forearms facedown. Use your oblique and belly muscles to support the body on a straight line. Hold this situation so long as soon as you are able.

Try to carry out these exercises at least two times a week, and you feel at once how muscles of your body have become stronger.

of Fia Mont.



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