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This Macron broke, carry new. 3 main conclusions from new protests at the Triumphal arch

Today the Parisian "yellow vests" came to protest actions again. They showed that intend to break the resistance of the power and to force it to fulfill the requirements.

However, now they are not limited to fuel prices and other eases to motorists. Inquiries of protesters reached resignation of the president Emmanuel Macron.

However if with an automobile subject of the power already began to make concessions, then with VIP-resignations still unclear. On Monday the president has to address to the nation. That he will tell - we will look, but one is clear also without words: Macron any more will never be former "young hope of Europe" shrouded in a crape of "a new era". Ukraine could look at

on the French events as - five years ago it went to a mirror on a similar way. Therefore for the fate of France - and all united Europe - it is somehow especially disturbing.

"Country" draws the main conclusions from new actions ocheredno of the French revolution. Conclusion 1. There was Macron - there was Yanukovych Emmanuel Macron became the president of France in April, 2017 - on a wave of popularity not only within the country, but also abroad. His youth bribed - was believed that in "gerontarchical" Europe at last politicians of modern sense began to come to the power. And it inspired hopes for updating - especially at youth.

of Segodn the same youth which is the center of protests demands Macron's resignation. In their eyes he was "the president of the rich". And the reality it seems confirms this opinion: the large capital for operating time of Macron began to deduct less taxes. And here the ordinary French should pay more and more. The increase in prices for gasoline and the diesel caused not by increase in prices for oil, and the decision of the government, became a last straw in this process.

as a result Macron's rating was literally dissolved. It and prior to events with "yellow vests" fell from initial 60% to 29%, and now makes 18%. Quicker the rating only at Petro Poroshenko fell, perhaps.

Of course, remained with the French leader about a half more of a cadence - and if desired it can correct a lot of things. But protesters do not trust in it and say that Macron is the next "odnosrokovy" president what was also his predecessor François Hollande. a story with Macron Has

and analogies, closer to Ukraine. In the same way big credibility also Victor Yanukovych who became the president in 2010 possessed. Special hopes for it were laid by east electorate hoping that Yanukovych will finish opposition with Russia and will start economic development. However the policy "both ours, and yours" embittered and opponents, and the ex-president's supporters. As a result during the Maidan almost nobody gave it sincere support - and in the country force alternative to the Maidan was not created.

the Similar situation now at Macron who incited against himself practically all population of France. According to the correspondent of "Country", frame of protests the white French, and migrants make no more fifth part there.

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