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This lizard is on the verge of disappearance. But she is so divinely beautiful

The nature miracle is simple!
"a blue dragon" (as they are called in Mexico) - a species of the lizards who are under the threat of disappearance.

He lives in Puebla and Veracruz, eats little insects and becomes turquoise in the native habitat though the majority of types green, writes Noticieros televise.

Is a fine copy of scaly lizards - a wood abroniya that means that she lives in forests.

the Picture published at the forum Reddit was a certain request to Internet users to pay attention to a problem which threatens existence of this look.

the Initial publication which everything in one day reached more than 127 thousand viewings and typed more than 1300 comments, reminded that "a blue dragon" - one more of the Mexican types which just about can disappear.

Because of amazing color of its scales this species of a wood lizard is very popular as a pet therefore in the black market pay for it much.

Besides, is people who kill these reptiles because consider that their bright colors are sign of very dangerous poison though actually this look does not pose a threat for the person.

In March, 2007 the International union of conservation added this look to the red list therefore the authorities doubled efforts to prevent sale or murder of this Mexican reptile.

By estimates, during the period between 2005 and 2017 was saved 97 samples, but quantity of "blue dragons" who managed to be sold is unknown.

to avoid disappearance of this look forever, is recommended not to get them and always to return to the native habitat where they will be able to breed. Watch with

video to consider this beauty closer:

A was pleasant to you this lizard?

of Christina Zvarych.




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