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"This is not what body with which you fell in love". The touching letter of the wife to the husband

The answer of the husband is attached...

the Blogger Laura Mazza published a remarkable post which we decided to translate for you on the Facebook:

"This is not what body with which you fell in love", - I told it.

the Body with which he fell in love was tightened and brawny, I had no extensions on a stomach and boobs, I had no paunch because of a diastase.

the Body with which he fell in love got into tight jeans: it could come into shop, take any size and leave, knowing that it will approach.

this body does not go Now to those shops any more and wears generally leggings. His body remained to the same, and mine changed in everything. It is dishonest...

Ya faced it tired and broken, and tears gathered in my eyes. "This is not what body with which you fell in love". here it told

I: "You are right. This is not what body with which I fell in love.

But this body which grew up our children which raised our children which consoled our children which created life. I fall in love with your body every day.

Ya did not know what is love, did not see this body yet and did not learn what it is capable of so thanks to you".

do not hesitate of what you have, you are not ashamed of the mamsky body. You still will have a heap of opportunities to refuse cakes - for now enjoy the moment and rejoice that you created something, standing each extension and each dimple.

If was required to you a reminder, then here it: that body which you have now, adequately love and admiration.

is Perfectly told, the truth?

Nikita Skorobogatov.



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