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This fantastic anti-aging drink will help you to tighten skin

You won't find a youth secret in magnificent creams for care of skin. Remember that the nature - your best friend who is generously offering the healthy goods. you can not only cook for

tasty and healthy drinks, but also use these gifts of the nature as natural products for care of skin. We suggest you to make this wonderful drink and to enjoy his advantages. That's great: your skin will look young and fresh, and you can also regulate the weight.

This delightful drink will improve elasticity of your skin and at the same time will tighten her. The cucumber, celery and organic green tea are the main ingredients which are necessary to you.

the Cucumber provides many advantages to health thanks to the high content of caffeine acid and vitamin C. He is also rich with salicylic acid that is important for connecting fabric.

the Cucumber improves a tone of skin and protects her, and water works as the natural moisturizing cream, giving to your skin a healthy luminescence.

the Celery is vitamin-rich B which, as we know, are useful to a skin tone. It is an excellent source of benzopyrone which stops harmful effect of free radicals.

Green tea is the third ingredient, and high concentration of antioxidants, including vitamins E and With, slows down aging process.

Ingredients: 2 cucumbers, ochishchennye4 sticks seldereya2 cups of organic green tea Mix all ingredients together. You can also add a little water if mix too dense. Consume this drink every morning in the morning before a breakfast freshly cooked.



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