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Think less: how does conscious thinking disturb subconsciousness?

Our brain - the computer capable of improbable things. Everything that disturbs him - it is conscious thinking. To such strange, at first sight, conclusions scientists-neurophysiologists have come.

the GLASS ON the GLASS. Scientists have made an experiment during which they to the ten-year-old child and the adult have suggested to construct pyramids of plastic glasses.

the Child has coped with a task much quicker and more effectively than the adult. Why so? Because the boy participating in an experiment, the world champion in drawing up those pyramids. And his opponent - the person, never earlier it being engaged.

I THAT? The neurobiologist David Iglman making an experiment explains such results with the fact that the adult made all actions consciously. Trying to understand, how exactly and in what sequence it is necessary to work, he spent too much energy. During the competition the boy's brain was practically not active while the brain of his opponent literally "blew up" from tension.

That is daily trainings have made installation of glasses unconscious process.

In SEX AND POLICY. The most striking example of importance of trainings is a sport. The athlete who has perfected the actions to unconscious level doesn't think of force of blow or a trajectory of a ball.

at the same time subconsciousness works also in more difficult life situations - in the course of assessment of someone's sexual appeal, in the solution of elementary tasks in mathematics and, surprisingly when forming political views.

EXCESS ELEMENT. Scientists with might and main argue whether human consciousness is effective in general, it reacts to events with so huge delay that his "view" of the events quite often doesn't play any role at all.

of FEET DRUG. By means of manipulations with subconsciousness neurobiologists hope to find a way to improve quality of life of modern people.

For example, subconsciousness influences formation of dependence of the person on narcotic substances like cocaine and heroin. If to find the "switch" hidden in human subconsciousness it is possible to save the person from similar dependence. the BLIND PERSON WILL SEE

. But the strangest that scientists managed to find out - some blind people from the birth people form at themselves subconscious "sight". As it works, only one is still unclear, clear - conscious thinking doesn't take part in it.



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