Date: 6 months ago   Category: Sport

They like to drive drunk too: The goalkeeper Tottenham has gone under arrest

The penalty from club has already made 660 thousand euros. Besides, Hugo Lloris has staked two captain's bandages.

As has appeared, foreign football stars are also liked to be driven drunk. Here only there with violators is much more strict. The goalkeeper Tottenham has gone under arrest.

Lloris the winner of World Cup 2018 as a part of French national team. The good fellow, but also would be time to pouspokoitsya from euphoria.

Now, besides a penalty, threatens it deprivation of captain's bandages and in the national team, and in club for which he plays now.

Court will take place on September 11. In anticipation of him, the goalkeeper Tottenham has apologized to the fans, team and the trainer. He has defined the actions as not accepted and has reported that he is ready to bear all responsibility for them.

Lloris has been detained in London in a state of intoxication at driving on the car through the downtown. It happened on August 24 at night.

the Football player has resignedly stopped the car before police officers and has gone with those to office. There he was for seven hours while for him bail hasn't been posted.

Thus, his return home has taken place only at 11 o'clock in the morning, and the team training has been missed by him.

Lloris at World Cup 2018 was the main goalkeeper of the national team. He has won back six meetings at which he has only not saved the gate twice.



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