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These two have collected $400 000? on the homeless? - but he still on the street

And these began to show off! the Homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt has met

Keith Makkluer on Philadelphia Highway. In a tank of her SUV fuel has come to an end, and Johnny has given the last 20 dollars to buy her a gasoline canister. Continuation of story about what had to become a good deed, tells Daily Mail.

They have got to talking, and Keith has decided to help unfortunate. At first it were chocolate bars and warm socks, and soon she has created a page on the free online platform for fund raising of GoFundMe.

Sympathetic Mr. Bobbit has deserved new life, has been written there. Keith and her husband have sworn that will buy him the house and will open the account that he was nevermore homeless.

They assumed that GoFundMe will collect at most 10 000 dollars, but a story Bobbita has for some reason touched hearts of Americans. His photos have published in national newspapers, including The Washington Post. Couple has appeared in "Good morning, America" and has given an interview of BBC. In several months the campaign has collected more than 400 000 dollars!

would Seem, the homeless has broken a jackpot, but far from it! As money arrived into accounts of couple Makkluer, they disposed of them at discretion.

At first they intended to keep the promises, and have even paid to Bobbit hotel accommodation, have bought him the second-hand SUV (which has soon broken), the camper, two cell phones, the TV and the laptop. the Camper they have delivered to

in the territory of the house Keith, and at first filled up network with photos as together with Bobbit bake Christmas cookies.

But events have taken further unexpected a turn. Couple began to be noticed on various expensive actions. At Keith has appeared expensive BMW, ornament and dresses.

As the husband Keith worked as the ordinary carpenter, and she the secretary in a reception of Department of transport of the State of New Jersey, their expenses have ceased to coincide with income.

of Steam has gone to Las Vegas and Los Angeles where they have flown by Grand Canyon helicopter and have visited casino. New year they have noted

at a thematic party of James Bond in Delano hotel. The general entrance on an action made 195 US dollars for the person, but the little table for two cost about 2400 dollars.

Keith has brought to Los Angeles and the mother, and at the airport they were taken away by a limousine.

Keith has also visited the Disneyland.

GoFundMe investigates Now case of inappropriate use of means.

couple admitted Nine months later that they have spent 200 000 dollars for Bobbit and care of him, and keep the remained 200 000 dollars because consider that he is insufficiently responsible and can spend them for drugs.

of GoFundMe works now with group of lawyers who have agreed to work as pro-bono for Bobbit to define whether his money has been stolen.

of Bobbitt, the only dream consisted in leaving Philadelphia? to return to native Northern Carolina and to buy there a ground, again I was on street. He says that he feels with



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