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Thermal death of mother of the cities of Russians

Situation with hot water supply and heating in the capital more and more tangled, disturbing and even dangerous. Dismantling in a triangle Naftogaz, "Kiyevenergo of Akhmetov" and "Kiyevteploenergo of name KGGA and Klitschko" doesn't stop, the summer has already flown by, and a heating season on a nose. The summer has spent the vast majority of capital inhabitants without hot water therefore demand for boilers, mainly electric has sharply increased. And it is one more risk factor as at mass installation of heaters power in several kilowatt electrical networks, external and especially intra house in buildings of old construction won't sustain loading. Besides boilers don't solve a heating problem.

In a word, while Naftogaz shows "nepokobelimost" and winds on everything penalties, the capital power and personally Klitschko are advertized on care of Kiev residents, and Kiyevenergo with Akhmetov try "to jump off" from a subject, without having paid off on debts, situation in capital power system becomes more and more menacing.

Fuel to the fire was added by the judgment about what the capital on debts of Kiyevenergo shouldn't pay, but such decision doesn't oblige Naftogaz to give fuel on the enterprises of thermal power of the capital which have come back under control of the city at all. The capital power buys a quantity of gas from commercial structures, but at the prices significantly higher, than those which are established for household and municipal consumers. If it lasts long, then it is necessary to raise tariffs for services which already high. However, if the power as demands the IMF, raises gas price for the population to the level of import, then the difference between import and domestic gas won't be.

Now for household and municipal consumers gas price is established of 6879 UAH for one thousand cubes, and the city has bought gas of 18 million cubes on 10200 UAH for one thousand cubes. Obviously, it is much more expensive. If so goes further, then, by some estimates, tariffs for hot water and heating in the capital should be raised for 30%.

Nowadays the cost of cubic meter of hot water - about 81 hryvnias. If to put in accounting the price at which the capital power has bought the specified rather small volume of gas then, by some estimates, the cost of a cube of "lukewarm" will exceed 105 hryvnias. As for heating, the average two-room apartment in a month should pay to 2,7 thousand hryvnias, instead of present 1,5-2 thousand depending on warming of the house, existence of the counter and regulation of giving of heat.

At Akhmetov and Klitschko chorus fairly accuse in the circumstances the government which has raised gas prices in 2016 as Groysman "last time" said then what has led a situation in capital power system into a deaf debt blind alley. At the same time the capital power keeps mum that Kiev is the only million-plus city in Ukraine in which heating and hot water aren't subsidized from the local budget at all. we Will remind

that in the spring of this year after an eye



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