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"There was an adaptation". The entomologist - about return of cockroaches and fight against them

After some calm when citizens have begun to forget gradually how impudent and gluttonous inhabitants of kitchens look, and the main thing - have lost skill of hunting with a slipper, - cockroaches have returned. And they became much more.

Where they disappeared why have returned, the main thing - as them to destroy? About it the correspondent of "AIF" has learned from the scientist-entomologist, the senior research associate of laboratory of ecological parasitology of Institute of systematization and ecology of animals of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science Yury Yurchenko.

In the large cities of cockroaches is more than

"Cockroaches have begun to appear last year, - Yury Yurchenko tells. - And definite answer where they vanished, no. But about their disappearance several assumptions went though specially still nobody studied this question. Most likely, also emergence of microwaves and cellular communication has affected, but as a major factor of decrease in their number emergence of medicines on the basis of insecticides of the second generation has served fifteen-twenty years ago. When these medicines have begun to be used in large quantities not only the disinfection organizations, but also just citizens - here then the number of cockroaches has sharply begun to decline. The problem is that these substances have already become outdated, and insects had had to them a stability: there was an adaptation".

the Majority of medicines against distribution of cockroaches, now, alas, - any more don't work, or became ineffective. The person practically has for today no weapon against a moustached misfortune, but works on development of new substances for control of number of these sinantropny insects were sped up.

the Cockroach kingdom
the Citizens living near landfills every fall observe literally the rivers of cockroaches, "current" towards houses. Show, to put it mildly, not for the faint-hearted. Meanwhile, insects simply habitually go to "winter quarters".

Is possible, the "cockroach" problem is connected also with the fact that citizens have relaxed - in days of calm have ceased to carry out large-scale processings - in particular, cellars. There was a huge number of unauthorized dumps near houses.

Other question that now it is hardly possible to find completely "clean" house - a problem of high-rise buildings that often in them people get on with absolutely various ideas of purity and an order. If to add often nonideal condition of refuse chutes, cellars and attics to it - we receive the ready cockroach kingdom.

How to struggle with cockroaches? the Expert advises

, first of all, to make high-quality repair in the apartment and to cover all cracks and openings adjoining on the neighboring dwellings. It is obligatory to close a grid all air vents. To mean that for example sockets in panel houses are a possible way of resettlement of insects too. Not to leave at home dripping cranes, to wipe dry after use of a bathtub - that cockroaches didn't come to "watering place". To pay attention to a water supply system, the sewerage: along pipes parasites always travel - they should be processed too, sweat



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