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There was a mysterious cloud on Mars. At last scientists have understood that it was

It hangs on Mars the third month.

the Orbital probe Mars Express has recorded over Mars an abnormal cloud about 1500 km in size which has begun to be formed about a 20-kilometer volcano of Arsia Mons located near the equator of the planet writes Daily Mail.

At first sight this formation looks as a volcanic eruption, but according to geological data the last volcano on Mars has gone out 50 million years ago.

After detailed studying, has appeared a white loop water vapor! The water column 20 kilometers high was created when strong winds hit against the big hill under which the frozen ice disappears.

Ice evaporated, steam rose up, cooled down, was condensed and extended because of low atmospheric pressure and as a result has frozen in clouds.

This regular phenomenon in this region, are convinced scientists. "The appearance of a cloud changes during the whole Martian day, increasing in length time of morning morning ascension for a volcano, almost parallel to the equator, and reaches such impressive size that can make him visible even for telescopes on Earth", - the European Space Agency has stated. Scientists of ESA consider that process of formation of clouds it consequences of the huge dust storm which has covered all planet this summer. Begun at the end of May, by July she has completely covered Mars and isolated his surface from sunshine.

But enormous cloud not the only consequence of the Martian storm.

as a result of a storm of NASA has lost the Opportunity mars rover. At the beginning of June he has ceased to contact. Attempts "to wake" him weren't successful, in five months he hasn't given "signs of life".

the Martian atmosphere much less dense, than terrestrial, also contains so not enough water that if to distribute her on the surface of the planet, she would form the World Ocean 20 microns thick. And still, she has clouds from water ice.

A can all this Martians create?

of Fia Mont.



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