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There is only one diet which allows to lose weight and not to gain it again

There are her principles.

the Low-calorie Mediterranean diet promotes weight loss and reduces risk of development of cardiovascular diseases in patients with an excess weight and a metabolic syndrome. To it conclusions have come the Spanish scientists, MedicalXpress writes.

the Mediterranean diet - pleasure not from cheap, but is the most balanced type of food.

is difficult to believe that dishes with the rich content of carbohydrates, olive oil, a huge number of fat fish and red wine, help to grow thin and keep health. we Will remind

that the Mediterranean diet consists generally of seafood and fish, a large number of fresh vegetables and fruit, bean, nuts, seeds, pasta and bread from whole-wheat flour.

Mistrust to the Mediterranean diet have helped to dispel numerous researches. Today Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and others adhere to her.

For example, a research of the Spanish scientists which has captured more than 600 patients aged from 55 up to 75 years. All of them had symptoms of obesity and a metabolic syndrome.

during the experiment of some of its participants have put into the Mediterranean diet, they also actively played sports. As a result of 33,7% of patients a year later have lost weight not less than by 5% of initial body weight. At them digestion of glucose has also significantly improved.

Pleases the fact that the Mediterranean diet allows to lose weight and not to take him again.

Here main principles of the Mediterranean diet: 1) Every day it is necessary to eat a portion of rice, a bulgur, pasta from firm grades of wheat, whole-grain bread or low-calorie grain.2) Products from the first point should be combined with vegetables and fruit, nuts and sunflower seeds, dried fruits and olive oil.3) Every day it is necessary to use cheeses and fermented milk products.4) At least once a week on your table there have to be seafood, fast fowl, potatoes, eggs. At most - 6 time.5) Red meat and sweets should be limited - up to 1 time a week. As you can see, the basis of the Mediterranean diet is made by complex "slow" carbohydrates.

of the Dish from them are generously seasoned with olive oil, it is useful not only for digestion, but also for skin.

the Diet is rich also with proteins, they should be filled with lemon juice and spices. There is enough in the menu of fruit and vegetables. According to this type of food, in day it is necessary to use not less than 8 portions of various products. 3 portions - fresh fruit.

Is very important to avoid some red meat, he is replaced by a low-fat bird and seafood. Except salt, dishes should be flavored with spices and herbs.

One of the main advantages of the Mediterranean diet - in day can drink up to 2 glasses of qualitative dry red wine.

your food though is brought a little closer to the Mediterranean diet? How does it affect your health?

of Lazarenko Yuli.



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