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There is one unique plant which works as a magnet for positive energy

There is one unique plant which works as a magnet for positive energy

of the Plant is the last stroke which introduces beauty and a cosiness to the house.

Thanks to them the house becomes more pleasant for eyes, and the remarkable atmosphere reigns in it. Besides, green plants purify air as absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen.

Exists a huge set of bright house plants, but we and Read & Digest Health especially recommend to get houses a jade tree, or a crassula.

This wonderful plant not only refreshes an interior but also as a magnet, attracts positive energy.

of Crassula Ovata is widely known as a jade tree, a zhadeitovy plant, a tree of happiness or even a monetary tree. It has even more types, than names. This plant with fleshy round leaflets with small pink or white colors.

In room floriculture got accustomed only several types. Crassula Ovata (a krassula ovoid) and two of its grades of Hobbit - with large, and Crosby's Compact - with small leaves is most popular. At the correct simple leaving the monetary tree perfectly grows on window sills.

Exists the legend connected with a jade tree.

Lived on light the poor farmer who worked all the time to support itself. Field works took away from it the last forces, but he could not grow rich. Therefore he was infinitely sad, but did not lose hope that will sometime achieve success.

Once when it went on the wood, he came across a small plant. The farmer lifted it and decided to bring home. The plant was beautiful, but its attention was drawn by color of leaves. It reminded color of gemstone of green color - nephrite.

Every time when he looked at it, he prayed to God for that prosperity came to his life. There passed time and, at last, good luck came also to this farmer. He moved to the big house, but also there in a visible place arranged a tiny plant which found in the wood.

As it always prayed for wellbeing, looking at a jade tree, this plant transferred his prayers to God. He was very glad that he at last could enjoy fruits of the work and is even more grateful for performance of his prayers.

That is why still call a crassula a monetary tree. It is considered that the plant attracts with the bright greenish shade energy of money.

its round leaves are also a symbol of wealth and prosperity therefore it is the best gift for newly married. Chinese keep a pot with a plant in shops and at the enterprises for attraction of financial benefit. The jade tree also is a good gift for friends. If you give it to the friend, so wish it wellbeing.

How to look after a crassula?

the Monetary tree loves diffused light and a penumbra. Grows better in the fresh air therefore it is recommended to hold it on a balcony or to regularly air the room. The main thing not to hold a plant on a draft and the scorching sun.

the Plant is from South Africa, its thick leaves are capable long to a vra



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