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There is no wish to run beforehand, but the prospect of exchange of hostages until the end of the year rather high - the volunteer Kotenko

There was a stagnation in negotiation process in the summer on exchange of hostages as neither Kiev, nor Moscow showed due interest in this question, has told in the comment to the GORDON edition
After Denis Pushilin became the leader of DPR instead of the killed Alexander Zakharchenko, negotiation process on exchange of the withheld persons became more active, the head of the center for exchange and release of hostages "Patriot" Oleg Kotenko has said in the comment to the GORDON edition.

"Negotiations on exchange of hostages go always. In particular, at the level of the volunteer organizations and those who are responsible for it on uncontrollable to Ukraine territories. Negotiations have quickened after Zakharchenko's murder. There was Pushilin who regularly is in Minsk and understands what he there is a speech about. An important point - fighters have let to the Ukrainian hostages [the coordinator of OSCE in humanitarian subgroup of tripartite contact group on settlement of a situation on Donbass] Toni Frisch. There both our military, and civil. After that, I think, subject negotiations - about the number of hostages for exchange will go", - Kotenko has noted.

It has emphasized that preparation for exchange of hostages often begins in September.

"We have noticed a tendency - preparation for exchange before New year begins just somewhere in September. Stagnation in negotiation process was in the summer because at this time nothing is interesting to anybody. Neither from our party, nor from Moscow. But I hope, the 2018th won't become an exception, and we will carry out big exchange this year. Besides, the international organizations sum up the results in the end of the year. In the Minsk format they can achieve only release of hostages. At once pressure upon Moscow therefore the Russian authorities are forced to agree increases", - the volunteer has told.

according to him, Moscow will claim that process of exchange is possible only with the assistance of the politician Victor Medvedchuk in him.

"Such people as Medvedchuk, will be on a white horse now. Like, look, we conduct negotiations and we will release people! Of course, there is no wish to run beforehand, but the prospect of exchange of hostages until the end of the year rather high. That party wants to receive 174 persons is Russians, ex-Berkut officers and so on. For them they are ready to release 46 hostages, however don't specify who these people. At the moment our task - to include in the list on exchange is as much as possible Ukrainians. That at last to release them from there. And even if the Russian Federation will claim that this exchange was allegedly organized by Medvedchuk, I think, Ukraine won't be against", - Kotenko summarized.

the Second president of Ukraine, the representative of the country in tripartite contact group Leonid Kuchma have expressed opinion that exchange of hostages won't be prior to presidential elections in Ukraine which will take place in March, 2019.

In June, 2018 the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasily Gritsak said that on Donbass is held by 113 Ukrainian hostages. The last large exchange of the withheld persons has taken place at the end of 2017.

of Zakharchenko has died 31 and



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