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There is a full instruction as it is correct to fill out the questionnaire on the Green card

There is a full instruction as it is correct to fill out the questionnaire on the Green card
You will be able to save up to $100.

you Want to try good luck and to move to the USA by means of the green card? We tell everything that needs to be known:


Registration for participation in a lottery of Green Card 2020 began on October 3, 2018 and will be open till November 6, 2018. Registration takes place

only on the website Registration process free.

should Submit the application always personally. Intermediaries not only will take from you spare cash, but also can deceive. Nobody can "influence" the decision on a prize - do not believe swindlers!


On filling of the questionnaire application is given 30 minutes. At the end there will be an opportunity to return and correct errors. It is necessary to fill out the questionnaire with Latin letters.

the Questionnaire consists of several parts. The first part - personal data. If you specified by

the spouse/spouse or children, then the second part of the application which needs to be filled too will open.

1. Name.

the Surname, a name, a middle name / the second name (completely and strictly according to the international passport).

is written In the column "Middle" a middle name if it is in the passport and it is specified by Latin. If there is no middle name in the passport or it is written down by Cyrillics, is ticked off opposite to "No Middle Name".

2. Floor.

Men's or women's.

3. Date of birth.

In the MM-DD-GGGG format.

4. City of the birth. Specify by

the name of the city (without the area and the area). The correct English writing can be checked on the Internet (for example, in Wikipedia). If it is unknown, put a tick of "Birth City Unknown".

5. Country of the birth. by

Choose the country from the list. If you were born in the USSR, choose the modern name of the state (Ukraine, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, etc.).

6. The country with the right for participation in the program. If you were born

in the country which can participate in a lottery, then choose in this Yes point and pass to the following. The list of the countries allowed to participation is on the official site.

If the country of your birth is not allowed to participation in a lottery, then two options are possible. Here what is written in the Russian version of the instruction: "First, if your spouse / spouse were born in the country which residents have the right to participate in a lottery, you can rank yourself as the country of the birth of the spouse/spouse. As in this case the right of the main applicant for participation in a lottery is defined by the country of the birth of the spouse/spouse, the visa of DV-1 to the main applicant will be issued only if the spouses/spouse also have the right to participate in a lottery and to him / her the visa of DV-2 can be issued. At the same time both spouses have to drive together in the USA according to visas of DV. The same way the child can be ranked as the country of the birth of the parent.

Secondly, you can rank yourself as the country of the birth of any of parents in spite of the fact that any of parents was not given birth or was not a permanent resident of the country of your birth. Usually the persons who were not born in its territory and not having/having her nationality are not considered as residents of the country if



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