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There are no genitals at all: The portrait of inhabitants of the planet Proserpine snared - the ufologist

Reliability of stories about sexual aggression of aliens now under doubt. Experts in extraterrestrial civilizations managed to recreate appearance of prozerpinets in detail. Having compared to

data of several eyewitnesses contactors at once, the famous Russian ufologist presented a detailed portrait of inhabitants of the planet Proserpine which call themselves akapa. These are humanoids with high I.Q. who are the most widespread look in the galaxy. Their growth fluctuates from 1.5 to 2.5 meters, and a constitution quite fragile. The race is presented by two floors: women's and men's.

Skin of inhabitants of Proserpine can slightly differ in color, but always remains pale because of poor sunlight, eyewitnesses say. Akapa meet with a greenish shade of skin more often, is also blue-gray, but they are higher growth. Eyes at akap convex, but very kind, often greenish-yellow. The head is considerably narrowed from top to bottom, with delicate features, straight noses and long ears. Concerning a body, opinions of contactors differ a little. Some claim what akapa stays in a radio and power state, and others that the body at them consists of jellylike liquid. But all agree in opinion that humanoids live not less than 900 years. Such portrait of newcomers made according to descriptions of ufologists snared a few days ago.

is Also authentically known to researchers that aliens by combination of parts of energy of men's and female individuals in a special vessel breed. In it the power embryo to which parents program appearance at the power level arises and impart knowledge. In spite of the fact that akapa start families, they have no genitals at all therefore the sexual relations between them do not practice.

the Statement for lack of genitals and an ascetic constitution, specialists in extraterrestrial life note, completely rehabilitates aliens as sexy tyrants. Such radio creations, without penis and a vagina, just could not rape anybody. They became the victims of slanderers people of Earth.

Move humanoids by spherical spaceships which people often take for comets because of the left bright yellow loop. In the near-the-planet space they go by disk-shaped modules with a diameter up to 10 m

humanoids and among themselves and Communicate with other types telepathic and psikhografichesk. Can operate any equipment, so their intelligence is 19 times more powerful than human.



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