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There are 2 rules which can change your relation to marriage once and for all

There are 2 rules which can change your relation to marriage once and for all
Carefully: the husband can leave!

Throw out all books and brochures about "sex sacraments", search of "the ideal man" and seducing of "the smart woman". All this nonsenses!

In the sphere of the relations is all two really working governed. And they work equally both for women, and for men. And here those who don't know them are doomed to spend time and nerves on improper people...

Rule first: In the relations it has to be easy.

If to you from first minutes, is from the very beginning easy with the person - it is already 50% in his advantage. If you have just got acquainted, but you already laugh loudly and easy you stir as old friends, know: this person - yours.

And vice versa: if the person has to be cajoled for years, you with him have nothing to do.

Roughly speaking, the guy with whom you in fifteen minutes are ready to retire to a toilet of restaurant is better than the one to whom you wrote seven years meek letters. The little girl who shows to you interest at once is better than the unapproachable beauty who should be taken to the Bahamas.

Is simple - it is good. Difficult - it is bad.

don't experiment on yourself! Remember

: it isn't necessary to try to obtain anybody at all to anybody to adapt and for anybody to run. Because if you will make it once, then you will do and from now on - and in reply to receive only a new portion of whims.

wasn't taken at once - there is nothing to pull a cat for eggs. Well not your person, there's nothing to be done. Reconcile.

Difficult relations suit only those who have a mass of free time or to whom everything has bored. The rest they only undermine immunity, spoil a dream and appetite.

don't extend the "difficult" relations on the to a hump. It is humiliating and ineffectual. All the same your patience sometime yes will burst; so why to test it for durability?

Rule second: The relations have to bring joy.

It is pretty axiomatic too. If the joy of the relations has turned into a muck - tear an emergency brake (and claws).

don't accustom yourself to quarrels, tears, a beating of ware and a clap doors. Throw long "showdowns", reproaches, mutual recriminations and peregavkivaniye. It is harmful to

! It is a way in anywhere! As soon as the relations are left by joy, they lose meaning.

is Seemingly elementary - but as many for years ruminate the offenses and clog a brain with excess dismantling!

isn't necessary so! As soon as you understand that your words take away joy, close a mouth. Dismantling begins - you leave. The partner wants to accuse and reproach only? Don't allow to impose you sense of guilt.

Run away! The relations are necessary for joy!

A of the relation "for the sake of children", "because at all so", "on a habit", "because without her even worse" it is possible to take and carry safely on a garbage can.

of the Main rules - only two. The rest - alluvial. do you agree


Nikita Skorobogatov.



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