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There are 2 brains? identical? 3-year-old children. They are different, and the reason - in parents!

It is not a trauma and not a disease... Look at

on the image of two brains above. Both of them belong to three-year-old children.

As you can see, a brain is much bigger right at the left. Besides, on him much less spots and dark places.

For the neurologists studying a brain and able to interpret similar images, a difference between two brains is obvious and amazing, Yahoo! writes. The brain is deprived on the right some basic departments which are in a brain at the left.

Respectively, the owner of the right brain will grow less clever, less capable to empathy, more inclined to drug addiction and crime, than the owner of left. At him the probability to appear without work on a grant and also the increased risk of development of mental deviations is much higher.

What has caused such cardinal divergence in development of a brain? It would be logical to assume that the disease or a severe injury is guilty.

But it at all not so.

the Main reason of so striking difference in development of a brain in these two three-year-olds - how mothers treated them. mother very much loved

of the Child with the developed brain, constantly reacting to all his requirements. The child with a small brain was offended and ignored. As a result the brain of the first child develops normally, and the second - with delays. Today neurologists begin to understand

, how exactly interaction of the child with mother predetermines development of his brain and possible deviations in this process.

the Professor Alan Shor who was investigating a huge number of scientific literature and made a significant contribution to development of neurology emphasizes that growth of cells of a brain - "a consequence of interaction of the baby with the main trustee (most often mother)": "Development of a brain of the baby requires positive interaction between mother and the child. Formation of the major brain structures depends on it". Professor Shor explains: if don't treat the child properly in the first two years of life, the genes responsible for different aspects of functioning of a brain, including intelligence can't be activated, and in certain cases - even to be formed.

That is "nature and education" are inseparable from each other: education exerts direct impact on functioning of genes of the child.

the Detailed explanation of interaction of behavior of mother and chemical reactions in a brain of the child, cages, responsible for formation, would demand from the reader of special knowledge. It is enough to tell that now there is a significant amount of proofs: the attitude towards the child in the first two years of life predetermines a possibility of full functioning of his brain in the future.

the Harm caused by ignoring and other forms of violence is proportional to their degree: the ignoring is heavier, the consequences are more serious. 80% of all cells of a brain which the person will have throughout life are formed in the first two years. If process of formation of cages and communications between them is broken, the deficiency will be permanent.

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