Date: 5 months ago   Category: Incidents

The young girl has died under mysterious circumstances

In London Daniel Marakh which a few days ago was 17 years old has fallen from a roof of the four-storeyed house under mysterious circumstances. it was unlike

a suicide as the girl grew at cheerful.

"It was a happy teenager. I studied well and I didn't skip class. What she undertook, she liked to do everything", - the father of died has told.

the Father has told that that fatal day Daniel looked uneasy. She worried because of examination and even refused to have supper with family. As a result she has spent the whole day in the room and only by the evening has come to talk into the parental bedroom.

Charles remembers that in half an hour the sound of beaten glass and loud cotton from above was distributed. On the last floor of the house there was a room Daniel and the younger daughter Shauna. In a ceiling they had a small window through which it was possible to come to a roof.

"I have heard unclear sounds and cotton. When has looked out in a window, Daniel has seen a body. I have right there rushed to her, began to check her breath, but she has got severe injuries", - the man has shared.

according to the investigators who are engaged in this business it is unlike the girl's suicide. First, all who knew her, told about her only the best. And secondly, the mobile phone of younger sister Daniel has been found on a roof.



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