Date: 4 months ago   Category: Culture

The world was shaken by news of the death of the finalist of the show "Voice"

In the USA on the 50th year of life the finalist of the vocal show "Voice" Beverley McClellan has died. Lately the singer struggled with a serious cancer illness, however attempts of doctors to save her were unsuccessful.

About death McClellan on Friday, November 2, the The New York Post newspaper has reported on Twitter, the Observer tells.

As far as we know, the singer was at the third stage of cancer, attempts to cure Beverley McClellan were made by doctors about a year, however recently the state of her health became sharp to worsen, and the participant of "Voice" has been hospitalized in one of clinics of California where she and has died subsequently.

the Tumour has given metastasises in many parts of her body. It is noted that McClellan has died still on October 30 in an environment of relatives and friends.

of Beverley McClellan was born in Tennessee. Future celebrity at early age was fond of music, however up to 24 years I didn't think of career of the singer. At that time she was able to play several instruments, including a guitar, a piano and a french horn, began to be engaged in a vocal professionally later.

Having participated in the show "Voice", Beverley McClellan has got into the team of the pop star Christina Aguilera.




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