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The world on a threshold of food crisis. What to prepare to Ukrainians for?

This fall the world can face new food crisis. In the same Europe because of an abnormal heat crops have burned out, and the main supplying countries of grain and vegetables already estimate future losses. On this background Ukraine looks quite even safely. Whether means it that Ukrainians are waited by abundance of cheap products? Or, on the contrary, it is worth already now beginning to stock?

AROUND CROP FAILURE. Germany and France have counted that losses of a harvest will make at least his fifth part. And it is the main grain European Union countries. At Russia and Kazakhstan the situation is not better - there too will receive less about 20-25% of grain.

With vegetables has developed a similar situation. The European association of producers of fruit and vegetables has stated that because of an extreme heat Europe the most large-scale for the last expects half-century vegetable crisis.

A U us? On this background Ukraine looks an oasis: the grain yield at us will decrease too, but isn't so notable. According to All-Ukrainian agrarian council, losses will make 8-10%. And on vegetables and fruit of losses it isn't expected at all.

SAME is good! In principle, such state of affairs offers quite good trade prospects Ukraine. Landowners can bring more than a currency to the country. Theoretically, it will help if not to stop then to slow down a little devaluation of hryvnia. to eat

A? Despite bright prospects, Ukrainians should tighten belts more tightly: they won't receive cheap products. That in the Ukrainian shops the prices will fly up, practically all experts say. And everything will rise in price - from bread to meat.

GOLD LONG LOAF. According to Minagropolitiki, landowners have already threshed 30,7 million tons of grain of a new harvest at an average value in 34 million tons. Because of a drought, heavy rains and a fungus of loss of a harvest will make from 8% to 10%. However, the country also would have enough it. Here only a considerable part of a harvest of wheat risks to remove to fodder.

Marjan ZABLOTSKY, head of the Ukrainian society of economic freedoms: Rains have spoiled quality of grain. And the most part of wheat has passed into a class fodder. By the way, the same problems now and in Russia, and the authorities of the Russian Federation already consider introduction of export duty on wheat. Therefore in Ukraine food wheat promptly rises in price, and the cost of kilogram of flour has already increased from 6,5 hryvnias to 7,6 hryvnias.

With such flour prices bread will rise in price at least for a third.

ISKUSTVENNY AGIOTAGE. However, the head of Association of suppliers of retail chain stores Alexey Doroshenko considers that the agiotage in the market is untwisted intentionally.

Alexey DOROSHENKO, head of Association of suppliers of retail chain stores: There are no bases for such rise in price. If the prices grow by a third, bread at us will be more expensive, than in the Baltics and Hungary. It can grow a maximum in price for 1 hryvnia. As shows our research, in June, for example, increase in prices for bread in the majority of regions of Ukraine has stopped. In many respects it is explained by low demand - people simply can't pay more. MILK AND MEAT. It is clear, that доро



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