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The woman gave birth to two children and lost all body hair

The female resident of the British city of Margate, Kent County, admitted that she completely grew bald after gave birth to two children. The The Sun edition shared its history.

Rima Teysen told that for the first time at it hair approximately in six months after the son's birth in March, 2016 began to drop out. Soon it stopped, but after birth of the daughter in September, 2017 her state worsened. By August, 2018 the 37-year-old woman lost the last body hair. Everything began

with understanding that on a hairbrush there is too many hair. Then Teysen began to find shreds of hair on a floor. The British read on the Internet that it happens during the postnatal period and, as a rule, passes in several months.

However after the birth of the second child hair began to drop out so quickly that did not manage to grow. Teysen addressed the therapist, but that did not apprehend the complaint of the woman seriously.

In May, 2018 the British made the decision to shave the remained locks and to give them on wigs to the teenagers suffering from cancer. First Teysen worried due to the lack of hair and tried to wear wigs, but soon ceased to do it. The husband and relatives supported her.

When in July, 2018 the British came from the decree to work as the stewardess, passengers began to ask regularly it whether it studies chemotherapy. Soon at it eyebrows and eyelashes dropped out, and by the end of summer it lost the last body hair. Teysen carries false eyelashes and made a permanent make-up of eyebrows to look more natural.

of the Doctor explain the incident with a total alopetion - at this autoimmune disease the immune system attacks cages hair a follicle. As a rule, hair at patients with an alopetion do not grow.

"Passed several months, and hair and do not think grow. I accepted that my hair will not return to me. Strangely enough, I miss them less, than expected", - Treysen admitted. She noted that she receives a set of compliments because of an unusual hairstyle. The British wears a wig only "occasionally".



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