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The whole world discusses Surkov's article about the new state of Putina

On February 11 in one of federal editions there was article of the Assistant to the President Vladislav Surkov "The long state of Putina".

the Publication became one of the main subjects of day: it was retold briefly by all leading news agencies and newspapers. Article was actively discussed on social networks, reports with reference to the Tjournal portal.

In essence and on style of statement Surkov's article is program and ideological: in it he states the doctrine of "the state of new type" which developed in Russia. The Assistant to the President states belief that behind such type of the state the future and predicts to it decades of the eminence.

Surkov describes Russia as the state to which the "immodest" part in world history is assigned, and it is not going to refuse this role. The official claims that "the big political car of Putin only gains steam and is adjusted for the long, hard and interesting work". Modern political model the Assistant to the President calls

"integrally developed" and says that it is suitable not only for "the house future", but also has "the considerable export potential". Demand for it, according to Surkov, is already now. The interest of foreigners in the Russian political algorithm is clear - "there is no prophet in their otechestvakh".

Surkov describes the term "deep state" as which understands the rigid power of law enforcement agencies hidden behind beautiful slogans. According to him, the majority of the western democracies are such. There is no deep state in Russia, according to the official - it all on a look, but there are "deep people".

Surkov's Performance causes a number of questions, first of all, about reliability and validity of material. In the article Surkov uses several demagogical methods, and does it quite carelessly. For example, he avoids proofs at statement of controversial statements, saying that it "is known to all". Surkov also uses the terms and surnames designed to show to the reader a broad outlook of the author, however these sendings in practice do not open his thought. For example, characterizes nationality as "a powerful attractor". Says that the western democracy "is committed rather to a Barnum's ideas for a long time, than Klisfena". What comparison of the ideas consists in, the official does not explain. One more reception which is used by the official it is justification of "the principle of a lesser evil": "And when around (presumably) some bastards, for control of bastards it is necessary to use bastards. The wedge a wedge, the rascal the rascal is knocked out". Surkov begins with

article with the quote: "It only seems that we have a choice", calling it "the words, amazing on depth and impudence, told one and a half decades ago".

Is unclear who is quoted by the official. The most faithful and creation time - the quote from "The black city" of Akunin. Surkov illustrates refusal of "choice illusion" in modern Russia, is actually close to the text retelling the novel anti-Utopia by Zamyatin "We".

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