Date: 8 months ago   Category: Economy

The Waves platform will pay developers of games nearly $2 million: what it is necessary to know about the project

Actively developing Waves platform has announced start of the new project which will be aimed at the development of the video games

In particular, these games have to be based on technologies of the distributed register. Such type will be financed by representatives of the platform, Mycrypter tells.

The matter is that the Waves company has already defined prize fund in one million WAVES (actually 1,920 million dollars) especially for that developers of games had a motivation to create qualitative bases for the games Waves blockchain. Also those authors who will be recognized as commercially perspective will be encouraged. at the same time the company will be able to provide to

for creators of games the whole ecosystem to realize necessary development of a necessary game. In particular, it is about:

of Software Development Kit that will help to simplify integration process.

of the Possibility of creation of own platform for trade and exchange of game elements.

Special expansion to the browser and also a mobile purse that will simplify interaction with a blockchain. we Will note

that also creators of games will be able to get necessary free advice on sets of questions.

at the same time within the new project to developers who will start working and will create games, will offer organized support and also the help with technical integration and necessary documentation.

the company Waves that as motivation will present actually two million dollars as a prize, is very interested in games which offer users any tokenizirovanny assets.

the Founder and the head of the company Alexander Ivanov notes that the blockchain of the company is ideal under requirements of the modern game industry: "I believe that developers with enthusiasm will apprehend a blockchain of Waves and promote his wide circulation. We will give them the chance to test technology and are ready to reward developers for creation of projects in our ecosystem".

one of the main objectives of the ministry is Now a realization of cryptocurrency tools in the Ukrainian legal framework; to study ICO, ITO, a mining, smart contracts, tokens and other digital assets to develop the legislation and state policy which will bring cryptocurrency out of a gray zone.




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