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The waitress of 16 years served the rough old man and has come into a fortune

In the American State of Texas the waitress of 16 years served in cafe of the rough client. And only when he has ceased to come all truth has opened.

Daily, within sixteen years, the veteran of World War II Walter Svord went to the same cafe in the hometown of Brownsville. He always sat in the same place. All this time him was served by the same waitress - Melina Salazar, writes Twixx.

Walter was a client not from pleasant. He constantly grumbled and was dissatisfied. Coffee have given him already cold, the omelet was salted insufficiently.

Nerves of many waitresses didn't maintain his cavils. Only one Melina quietly and even with a smile met the veteran. Salazar cared for him as about the father, steadily maintaining his reproaches.

But then Svord has ceased to go. The girl has begun to worry about the regular customer. And here the city newspaper fell of her into hands. There in the section of obituaries she has read that on the eighty ninth year of life Walter Svord has died in a dream.

after sad news has come Next day to cafe the new visitor. The man was a lawyer.

Has turned out that the old man has decided to thank it for kindness and condescension to him. Walter left in inheritance to Melina fifty thousand dollars and the car.

Svord went All these years to cafe only because of it. She was only who could understand him and was that who quietly I transferred his grumble.



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