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The Victoria's Secret model Shanina Sheyk lit a breast and was dishonored

Usually admirers not against to look at a naked body of the idol, especially, if it is the sexy top model. However, fans of the Australian model Shaniny Sheyk were obviously not ready to such turn of events.

there took place the awards ceremony Not so long ago the film award "Oscar-2019" which collected around itself the most eminent stars. Here and "angel" of Victoria's Secret Shanina Sheyk came to stand out on a red carpet, but something went wrong.

the 28-year-old girl posed before photographers in a long dress with sequins. Sexualities to an image were added by an extreme cut along a hip that bared harmonious legs of model and a magnificent bust which was deception.

to Photographers was succeeded to photograph Shanina from different foreshortenings and on one of a photo it is visible that an appetizing breast of the model - only a baby's dummy, literally this word.

the Volume decollete of the girl - visual deception, on provocative shots is accurately visible that a breast Sheyk much less a corset from a dress.

Expectation vs Reality / Instagram

Meanwhile "angel" of Victoria's Secret does not comment on the fashionable failure. Most likely, Shanina just does not want to draw attention to himself once again. Especially as occasion extremely unpleasant. We dare to assume that the girl will not address any more the stylist who picked up her such unsuccessful dress. with

Shaniny Sheyk's Breast on minimalkakh / Instagram
Earlier the dress on a red carpet the American supermodel Kendall Jenner which appeared before public without underwear surprised.



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