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The vice rector of KPI turned repair of hostels into profitable family business: the dirty scheme is opened

Top of KPI convicted of a provorachivaniye of dirty schemes in the course of repair of hostels and cases of higher education institution

the Truth about what happens in the Kiev polytechnical institute of Igor Skoropadsky, found out during journalistic investigation for the program of "CIA" Ilya Lukash.

As became clear, for the last 2 years tenders for 90% of orders for repair for KPI won the same 8 companies. In total they received 47 million UAH from higher education institution. About a half of this money were spent for repair of hostels.

at the same time became clear that most of these construction companies suspiciously were connected with the vice rector of higher education institution for administrative work Pyotr Kovalyov who is also the head of tender committee.

In particular, are registered by LLC Green Tekh and LLC Agmigran which received generally 15 million UAH to the same address and have one director - Andrey Brovarnik who worked in KPI earlier. At the same time "Greene Tekh" was based by Kovalyov, and salary from it firms and also from the Promeks AG enterprise which also benefited tenders from higher education institution for the sum of 8,6 million, the vice rector's wife Kovalyova Lyudmila receives.

One more frequent winner of tenders from KPI for the total amount more than 3 million UAH was LLC Novostroy-3 which owner was the vice rector's brother Nikolay Kovalyov.

Despite considerable expenditure which the management of higher education institution allegedly allocates for repair students of KPI complain of an awful condition of hostels: "there is no water, insanitary conditions, doors hammered with nails, told that they repair, in practice - no!".

Should noting that the vice rector does not consider that in cases with the firms connected with his wife and the brother there is a conflict of interests.

For years of work in KPI Pyotr Kovalyov got 3 new apartments in Kiev. One of is in ZhK "Vertical" directly in the middle of the campus of KPI. In the same place there are apartments of the son Kovalyov and one more vice rector of KPI Alexey Novikov. As it became clear, both Novikov and Kovalyov took part in the decision on allocation of the earth under building of ZhK "Vertical" in the territory of higher education institution.




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