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The Venezuelan oil industry workers transferred the accounts to Russian Gazprombank

The Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA transfers the accounts to the Russian Gazprombank.

according to the agency, the PDVSA company sent to the clients the notice that the proceeds from sales will have to be charged into the account which it opened in the Russian Gazprombank.

the Venezuelan oil company, according to sources, puts pressure upon the foreign partners that they decided on whether they will continue participation in projects.

Inostanny partners of PDVSA are the Norwegian company Equinor ASA, the French Total and the American Chevron. "We would like to report

officially about new instructions for implementation of payments in US dollars or euro", - it is said in the letter signed by the vice president of PDVSA for financial questions Fernando de Cuintalom. we Remind


the USA imposed on January 28 sanctions against the oil sector of Venezuela with the purpose to block revenues from oil sales by Administration of the President of Venezuela of Nicolás Maduro.

the Condition of further work of the companies is transfer of funds for the accounts blocked for Maduro's regime.

last month recognized several countries led by the United States as the interim president of the country of Huang Guaido, the president of the National Assembly of Venezuela.

in reply to Maduro whom the USA declared illegitimate, said that it breaks off diplomatic relations with the United States, and ordered to the American diplomats to leave the country within 72 hours. He also ordered to the Venezuelan diplomats to leave the USA.

Later the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela published the statement for the termination of these exclusions and suggested to hold negotiations with the USA.

the European Parliament recognized Huang Guaido as the lawful interim president of Venezuela according to the Constitution of the country.

of the EU urged to hold as soon as possible early elections in Venezuela, otherwise promised to recognize the leader of opposition as the head of the country.

of Maduro categorically rejected an appeal of the European countries to appoint early elections of the president after the leader of opposition Huang Guaido declared himself the interim leader of the country.

of Maduro said that it does not exclude that as a result of a political crisis in Venezuela civil war will break out.



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