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The USA has warned Russia about readiness to strike blow to Syria

The American authorities claim that they have information on a possibility of use of chemical weapon by the Syrian army at release of territories which are controlled by fighters
the Adviser to the U.S. President for national security John Bolton has said during the meeting to the secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolay Patrushev that Washington is ready to put new, even more powerful blow to the Syrian government forces, Bloomberg with reference to four sources reports.

according to them, Bolton has made such statement to the Russian colleague at a meeting in Geneva.

according to sources of the agency, the American authorities claim that they have information on a possibility of use of chemical weapon by the Syrian army at release of territories which are controlled by fighters, what are ready "to answer the USA with even more powerful military operations", than earlier. Bolton and Patrushev's Meeting has taken place

in Geneva on Thursday, the final statement following the results of hasn't been signed because of a position of Washington, the secretary of the Security council has reported.

"By results of a meeting we planned to sign a joint statement, but haven't signed. Because Americans wanted that in him was that we interfered with their elections, according to them, and we deny it. That is weak subject of discussion", - Patrushev has told.

according to him, in reply Russia has suggested to introduce the provision on inadmissibility of intervention of the USA in internal affairs of other countries in the document. "Then they have told that they won't sign in general such application", - Patrushev has added.

Bolton, in turn, has said that he discussed the conflict in Syria at a meeting with Patrushev. He has noted that between Russia and the USA "disagreements remain", but at negotiations progress on a row has been made by that.

"We discussed an issue of the Iranian troops in Syria, both regular, and irregular. Our purpose consists in that all Iranian forces have returned to Iran. It is a position which, I think, the president Vladimir Putin would divide. It is hard to reach it. We discussed various ways by means of which it can be carried out by means of a number of steps", - Bolton has said.



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