Date: 5 months ago   Category: Politics

The USA has imposed new sanctions because of the Crimea and Donbass, Rada has adopted laws on "eurometal plates". The main thing in a day

the United States have expanded with
restrictive measures against Russia in connection with events on Donbass and in the Crimea, the new sanctions list had included the Russian retired general, two former employees of the SSU and nine organizations, including four Yalta sanatoria and "MGB" of terrorist LPR.

Rada's Commission on Gandzyuk's
business of
the Temporary commission of inquiry of the Verkhovna Rada called after death of the public figure from Kherson Ekaterina Gandzyuk has held the first meeting. It is decided to pay special attention to regions where attacks on activists happen systemically, the member of VSK Moustapha Nayyem has said.

of Passion on "eurometal plates"
Rada's Deputies have adopted in general the bill of decrease in base rates of an excise tax for a car on euronumbers, they will make from €50 to more than €100 depending on engine displacement. The coefficient of age of a car was decided to be limited to the maximum value 15, that is the car will be more senior than 15 years to be estimated as 15-year-old.

Other bill adopted in the second reading and in general Rada has toughened responsibility for violation of rules of transit import of cars on euronumbers, having increased the size of penalties and also has forbidden use of such cars for commercial purposes.

Under the Verkhovna Rada proceeded protest actions. Owners of a car on euronumbers demanded revision of a formula of calculation of an excise. One of leaders of protesters Oleg Yaroshevich in protest at decisions of parliament has defiantly burned the SUV.

the New salting
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has agreed to appointment of the native as the new ambassador of Hungary Transcarpathian Beregovo of Istvan Iydyarto, he has arrived in Kiev.

Execution in California
the Former marine David Long has shot from a gun 12 visitors of bar in the Tauzand-Construction Department city (the State of California, the USA) then has committed suicide. The police can't establish motive of attack yet.

the Incident with Norwegian
the Frigate of the Navies of Norway of Helge Ingstad has faced the oil Sola TS tanker, has tilted and has begun to sink in shallow water. Eight voyennsluzhashchy are wounded.



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