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The USA has expanded duties on import from China

On Thursday, August 23, duties of 25% for the goods imported from China to the USA which total cost is estimated at 16 billion dollars have come into force. People's Republic of China already has managed to answer.

is included Into the inventory from which will raise collecting 279 names of the Chinese production made within the program of scientific technical development "Is made in China - 2025".

according to the U.S. President Donald Trump, new measures of the American administration will promote elimination of deficiency of the USA in bilateral commodity turnover with China.

So, duties will mention generally production of the space industry, information and communication technologies, robotics, the industrial equipment, automotive industry.

Should noting that they in China were ready to such turn therefore they have prepared reciprocal duties. Concerning the American production will enter the raised tariffs for the same sum (25% for the American import with a total cost of $16 billion). we Will remind

, the USA and China have exchanged the first duties on July 6. Then the White House has entered 25% collecting for 818 names of the Chinese production. Beijing has in reply accepted similar duties on 659 groups of goods from the USA.

Then Trump has said that such decision is made in connection with illegal, from the point of view of the USA, assignment by the Chinese enterprises of the American intellectual property and technologies and also application by Beijing dishonest trade the practician.



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