Date: 6 months ago   Category: Economy

The USA became the net exporter of oil and oil products

The USA last week for the first time after World War II became the net exporter of oil and oil products, data of the Ministry of Energy of the country demonstrate.

As they say in the weekly report of Energy Information Agency (Energy Information Administration, EIA) the Ministry of Energy of the USA, excess of export of oil and oil products - generally gasoline and diesel fuel - over import in a week which came to the end on November 30 made 211 thousand barrels in (sugar-free) day.

On average during 2018 fixed the USA net - import at the level of more than 2 sugar-free million, and the peak according to annual reports exceeded 12 sugar-free million in 2005.

Earlier the U.S. President Donald Trump said that transition to net - to export of hydrocarbons will be a turning point in formation of "power independence" of the USA.

Export of the American oil last week reached record 3.2 sugar-free million, according to EIA.

Is possible, return to net export will be short, however it emphasizes the importance of "shale gas revolution" in the USA.

Analysts note that increase in own production and export of the USA, on the one hand, reduces the importance of OPEC for the world market, and with another - increases vulnerability of the American economy in case of falling of the oil prices.

of EIA traces weekly data on foreign trade in energy carriers only since 1991, monthly - since 1973. However historians of the industry on the basis of the given annual account, including the American Petroleum Institute (API), counted that the USA was net importer of oil and oil products since 1949, writes the Bloomberg agency.



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