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The USA became the exporter of oil for the first time in 75 years

Heaven and earth was moved? thanks to a shale gas revolution.

last week America turned into the clean exporter of oil, having overcome almost 75-year dependence on foreign oil. The U.S. President Donald Trump called this key moment "power independence", Bloomberg reports.

Transition to net export is drama result of an unprecedented boom of the American oil production. Though the country moved in this direction for many years, the drama shift happened this week as data showed sharp falling of import and jump of export to record-breaking high level.

at the same time is noted that "transition to net export is drama result of an unprecedented boom in the American oil production", begun to pump actively oil in Texas, New Mexico, Northern Dakota and Pennsylvania. "We become the dominating power power in the world, - Michael Lynch, the president of strategic power and economic researches told. "The shale gas revolution turned developers of oil fields into billionaires, and the USA-in of the largest global manufacturer of oil, having allowed them to bypass Russia and Saudi Arabia. And the power of OPEC decreased, having undermined one of the main geopolitical bases of the last of half a century", - it is said in the statement.

American oil Renaissance.

of OPEC and its allies this week meet in Vienna, trying to make a tough choice: whether to reduce production and to support the prices, risking to lose big shares of the market in the USA.

of the USA reduced consumption of oil and oil products, but the main thing - considerably increased its production thanks to a shale gas revolution. If in 1983-2005 consumption grew by 36.5% up to 20.90 million barrels a day, then then began to decrease - by 9% up to 18.96 million in 2013. Production in 2005-2013 grew from 5.18 million to 7.44 million barrels a day (in crisis of 2008 it temporarily fell lower than 4 million).

this year growth of production accelerated to more than 1.5 million barrels: according to Administration of power information (EIA is department of the U.S. Department of Energy), in a week till December 5 oil production made 9.118 million barrels a day - it is a record for week statistics which is kept since 1983
By 2020 this figure will exceed 14 million barrels that will give the USA in case of cancellation of the existing ban on deliveries abroad an opportunity to export nearly 5 million barrels a day. It will change the world energy market.

at the same time is noted that agrees clean to balance it turns out that the USA sells more oil, than buys, the American oil refineries continue to buy millions of barrels of oil and fuel abroad every day.

of the USA import more than 7 million barrels in day of crude oil from around the world to provide the oil refineries which consume more than 17 million barrels every day.

Big-time politics?

of Fia Mont.



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