Date: 4 months ago   Category: Politics

The USA accuses Russia of concealment of violations of sanctions against DPRK

The ambassador of the USA in the UN Nikki Haley has accused Russia of attempts to hide violations of sanctions of the UN against North Korea after Moscow tried to make changes to the independent report on violation of sanctions.

In the report which was submitted last month in Committee on sanctions against DPRK of the UN Security Council, is noted that Pyongyang hasn't stopped the nuclear and rocket programs and violates sanctions of the USA on export.

Diplomats have said that the Russian Federation pressed on independent observers to make amendments to the report.

the UN Security Council which consists of 15 members has to agree on the publication of the report on the basis of consensus, and the USA opposes publication of the changed document.

"the Russian Federation isn't able to afford to edit and interfere with independent reports of the UN on sanctions of rather North Korea only because they don't love what they tell", - it is said in Haley's statement.

"Full implementation of resolutions of the UN Security Council remains obligatory for all member states, including Russia", - she has emphasized.

"In the changed report is withdrawn several references to Russians who are accused of violation of sanctions against North Korea", - one diplomat on the condition of anonymity has said.

Russia and China have suggested the UN Security Council to discuss reduction of sanctions after the meeting of the U.S. President Trump and the leader of DPRK Kim Jong-un in June - then Kim Jong-un has promised to work in the direction of a denuclearization.

the United States and other members of council of Safety have stated that against Pyongyang strict sanctions have to work.



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